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Devices for Recovery:

Mac Computers
Internal & External Drive
SD Card
SSD Drives
USB Storage
Clean Room

Causes for HD Failure:

Bad Heads
Bad Sectors
Deleted Files
Dropped Hard Drive
Power Shortage
Formatted Partition
Hard Drive Clicking
Drive Doesn’t Power On
Hard Drive Not Recognized

SD Cards & USB flash Drives:

Physical damage
Data corruption
Deletion or re-formatting
Liquid & heat damage
Virus Affected
Raw Drive
Static Affected


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We recover data from internal and external hard disk drives, laptop, network attached storage(NAS) devices, as well as any types of media cards such as SD cards, flash drives, zip disks,etc. Very affordable prices and with the best technology for the best results.
We know how important is the data for your and we are committed achieve successful results as soon as possible.

Our Services explained:

Undelete lost data or forensic data recovery
When data loss happens due to deletion or accidental formatting of the data by the user by accident, or on purpose, one can recover data if the disk sector has not been written over it yet.

Recover data from bad sectors, or logical crash. As a hard drive ages, bad sectors appear on the disk due to the wear and tear. This sometimes results in error messages that appear when trying to open files. Or the system may run really slow. Logical crash happens when the partition table is lost or damaged, or virus attack to the boot sector of the drive. In these cases drive sounds absolutely normal but the computer will not boot or asks the user to format the drive.

Physical crash is due to the physical damage of the parts inside of the drive. Failed hard drives may not be detected by the system or you may hear a clicking noise or grinding noise from the drive. Clean room service is required for hard drive that has completely failed. Sometimes a full recovery of data may not be possible. But we offer you the latest technologies to recover your data.

Common Symptoms:

Clicking noises
Bad heads
Drive won’t mount on your Desktop (Mac)
Drive doesn’t appear in BIOS or Windows Explorer (PC)
“Flashing Question Mark” on Mac start-up
Broken USB connector or other interface
“Dead” (no power or noises)
Drive reads data extremely slowly
Burnt PCB
Smoking hard drive or smoking chips on PCB / circuit board
Liquid damage / water damage
HDD Firmware Corruption (0MB size, drive only partially readable, drive reads/write extremely slowly, etc.)
SSD Firmware Corruption (BAD_CTX errors, 8MB size, etc.)
Stiction (heads stuck to platters)
Weak motor/stuck spindle
PCB Replacement/Adaptation
Corrupt ROM
Corrupt NVRAM
Weak heads
Accidentally reformatted
Accidentally erased / trashed / recycled files
Corrupt file system or operating system
Missing or lost files
Virus infection
Data can’t be recovered by local computer repair shop/IT department
Data can’t be recovered or cloned with software data recovery tools
Encryption corruption (McAfee Endpoint Encryption, WinMagic, PGP Desktop, BitLocker, TrueCrypt, etc.)
Lost/missing/unknown hard drive password

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