Mail-in repair instructions



1.- Fill out the Mail-in-Repair Order after your choose the item in the order with your personal information and device symptoms

2.- Send your complete computer (do not send only the logic board) using your preferred shipment method and provide us with the tracking number.

3.- We will provide you with an estimate after we’ve received it. You do not pay until the service is complete.

4.- When Repair is Done. We will Contact you for Payment and ship it back to you , asap!

Sometimes we receive devices with no note in the box, from people who have not filled out an order. We don’t know who sent them, or what they want fixed. Please click and fill out the form in the order and include a small note in the box with your name on it. This way, we can match up the machine we receive to your online intake form and swiftly process your repair.

We will diagnose your device and provide a free estimate?

Yes. If you’re a regular customer, we will provide you with a free estimate. The only fees you would incur would be paying to ship the laptop. We offer free estimates to all customers besides other repair shops. If you are a repair company, receive an estimate, and opt to not receive a repair, there is a bench fee of $50. Unfortunately, other stores have been firing their own technicians and having us do all of their estimates rather than paying a staff. If you own a store or repair company of any kind, please kindly hire your own staff.

How much does a repair cost?

You can click around the site to find prices for various issues from Mac laptop repair to data recovery. If you have a specific issue not addressed here, feel free to call us, email, or live chat. Knowing the model number and year of your machine is helpful to give you a price.

Are there issues you won’t service?

There are some devices we do not service due to lack of parts, age, & other reasons. Do feel free to call, email, or chat us to ensure that your issue is serviceable before sending it in!

How much is return shipping?

We offer free return shipping of your device, so we’ll send it back to you if you have service done. If you decline to have the device repaired, there is a $20-$30 return shipping fee for devices where we do not perform a repair. Free shipping is exclusively for devices which we do repair. For larger, heavier devices, an additional fee for shipping may apply, or we may send it back without insurance if the shipping for your device reaches over $20.

Where do I send my device to?

We accept mail-ins at our store location, but only after you’ve filled out the information when you place your order The address is as follows:

BDJ  Computer Repair
ATTN: Repair Deparment

(323) 206-5024

How long does a repair take?

This really depends on what you’re having done. Most screen repairs are done the same day. Same for keyboards, track-pads. Data recovery can be anywhere from one day to a month, motherboard repair can take anywhere from an hour to six weeks depending on the severity of the issue. For your particular situation, feel free to email or call us to inquire about the turnaround time for your particular device.

More Questions?


Yes: before you send a repair, don’t forget to place your Order.

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