The logic board on a Mac is another term for the motherboard, which contains the circuitry and components that allow your computer to function. Whether you have a Mac laptop or desktop, common logic board failure signs include problems with the computer’s power, graphics, ports, fans, Bluetooth and unusual behaviors. Issues can be as minor as a single USB port not working to as bad as the computer not coming on at all. While these common Mac logic board failure signs also overlap with smaller hardware and software issues, understanding the signs of a bad logic board can help you determine if it’s time to get your Mac checked out at our repair center. You Can Call us for more information at: (323) 206-5024

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We Fix Alienware, Apple & MSI. We specialize in fixing logic boards (motherboard). Our rates are substantially less than any Apple dealer. Other stores replace your logic board (motherboard), but we replace defective components.

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You might have to leave your machine, but we will give you an assessment of what is wrong and what would need to be fixed, at no charge! If the machine is too far damaged to be worth repairing you can take it back at no cost. If you are local, come to our store. If you live far away, you can always send your laptop to us for the free estimate.
Spill damage is serious because it corrodes sensitive electronic components, but it’s not unfixable. At Apple you will hear quotes of $750 to $1250 citing that they must replace the entire board. The reality is that they are simply not interested in getting their hands dirty fixing the parts you already have. It’s easier to gouge you replacing everything.
As soon as you get liquid in your machine you should stop using it! Turning it on will just make it worse as this allows electricity to flow through shorted wet components causing it to look like the board in the picture. Even when the damage is this extensive we can repair it, but it is best to minimize damage so we have a higher likelihood of fixing your board in a reasonable timeframe.

When you come to Bdj Macbook Logic board Repair, WE fix it!

What sets Bdj Macbook Logic board Repair apart? Most companies must outsource component level motherboard repair because they don’t know how to do it or they don’t have the necessary tools. This causes long delays and unexpected surprises; the person you are talking to does not work for the company repairing your device. With Bdj Macbook logic board Repair, the buck stops here. We repair your laptop, we repair your board, and you only deal with us..
At the time of photographing, that board was $750 part by itself, and we were able to repair it for $250. Logic board repairs for the most part are done here in our back office which gives us an edge over stores that must outsource all of these more complicated repairs.

Top Reasons to repair spill damage with Bdj Macbook Logic Board Repair:

  • We offer component level motherboard repair
  • We repair what is broken without high cost motherboard replacement
  • We ultrasonically clean liquid damaged components, which is leaps &
    bounds ahead of the “alcohol & toothbrush” method
  • We guarantee our work for 60 Days!

Problems we will fix on your spill damaged machine:

  • Not turning on
  • Freezing
  • No light/image on the screen
  • Not charging the battery
  • Keys not working properly
  • Track pad not working properly

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