“California Section 9844 of the California Business & Professions Code) An estimate as required for repairs shall be given to the customer by the service dealer in writing and the service dealer my not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without prior consent of the customer. Where provided in writing the dealer may charge a reasonable fee for services provided in determining the nature of the malfunction in preparation of a written estimate for repair. For infomation contact Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento CA 95814”
AFTER 45 DAYS IT WILL BE RECYCLED lien on personal property. A person who makes, alters, repairs or performs work or services of any nature and description upon, or in any way enhances the value of an article of personal property, at the request or with the consent of the owner, has a lien on such article, while lawfully in possession thereof, for his reasonable charges for the work done and materials furnished, and may retain possession thereof until such charges are paid. Our estimate is free. If you have agreed to a repair service, after signing this document, your device will be returned once payment is issued. If payment is withheld, the machine will be kept by a BDJ Computer Repair. member until payment is issued. If payment is not issued within 45 days of notifying you that the repair is complete, the laptop will be recycled in accordance with our e-waste management contract or resold. If you are leaving your device for a free estimate, you do not owe us any money. However, if you do not pick up your device from 45 days from the date the estimate is complete, the device will be recycled. Further, while it is store policy to contact you upon completion of repair, it is your responsibility to check with us when repair is complete – “I don’t check my voicemail” or “your email went to spam” is not an acceptable excuse to get out of the 45 day rule. The clock on the 45 day rule starts from the moment we enter into our internal notes that a repair job is ready for pickup. WE’RE ALLOWED TO WORK ON YOUR DEVICE. You are authorizing BDJ Computer Repair. to repair to your device. You agree to not touch anything during the process to prevent damage. Interfering with the repair voids any warranties.

ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS. Payment methods accepted are Cash, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. No other forms of payment are acceptable, and we reserve the right to keep a device until payment is rendered via an acceptable payment method. For walk-in repairs, the credit card to be used must be swiped for payment – we do not accept credit card numbers for manual entry. For mail-in repairs we will send you an invoice you can pay by credit card. You must also pay via one method; we do not split payments on different credit cards/cash combination.

WE DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR COSMETIC FLAWS The way we state the condition of the item in the notes of item prior to repair is a brief overview, and does not denote all possible defects & problems with the device to be repaired. This may be edited as more problems are found, even after form is signed. Any preexisting defects, or future defects that come up as a result of preexisting defects are not the responsibility of, or warranted by, BDJ Computer Repair. or any of its members. You accept by signing this document that how we state a device’s condition is how it was received, and that no defects or problems we state were caused by us. You acknowledge that BDJ Computer Repair is not liable for any defects or problems with a device unless we specifically take responsibility for such problem or defect. We are not responsible for any scratches, dents, dings, etc. Most devices we receive are heavily damaged already. We have very strict procedures on how we handle customer devices so they leave in the same or better cosmetic condition than they came in, but in no way can we be held liable for any perceived cosmetic issues, such as – “this scratch wasn’t here when it was dropped off.”

WE ARE IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DATA OR HARD DRIVE. On data recovery & data transfer jobs, it is your responsibility to check your data in the store. You agree to sign a waiver of liability once you have seen for yourself that your data is on this drive. You accept that we are in no way liable for any data on your device for any of our offered services. We do not accept liability for data. By signing this document you agree to two points. First point being that hard drives are a volatile, mechanical storage media that can malfunction at any time. Second point being that any hard drive malfunction cannot be blamed on BDJ Computer Repair, nor may we be held responsible for any hard drive, solid state drive, solid state hybrid drive, or flash memory malfunction on any machine in our possession. For data recovery, we will be removing parts of the drive that you may not receive back if you do not approve the estimate. By signing this document you accept that we are in no way liable for your data.

WARRANTY INFORMATION Limited warranty on service is 1 year on LCD Screen replacements, 1 year on Hard drive & memory replacements, and 3 months on motherboard repairs & replacements. Warranty may be voided by further physical damage to the device, negligence, or liquid damage. Warranty is only for the specific part we have replaced and not for any other issues or parts on the device. We repair delicate devices that break easily. If you are here, the device has likely been mistreated once by a drop, spill, or shock of some sort. You accept that any future issues with other functions on the device are related to prior shock, not our workmanship. We offer warranty service only – not refunds, and any service for which one changes their mind or otherwise decides they do not want done, for any reason, requires the technician to undo repair work in order for no monies to be owed to BDJ Computer Repair.

WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER IF YOU CRACK IT AGAIN. Warranty does NOT cover a device that has cracked again. By signing this document, you accept the following. A screen cannot crack on its own. A screen only cracks when physically impacted. It is your responsibility to inspect the device prior to receiving it back from us to ensure it was not given back to you cracked. There must be a minimum of four (4) dead pixels on the LCD in order to receive a warranty replacement. YOU CAN’T SUE US, EVEN IF YOU REALLY WANT TO! In recognition of the relative risks and benefits of the project to both the Client and the Consultant, the risks have been allocated such that the Client agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to limit the liability of the Consultant to the Client for any and all claims, losses, costs, damages of any nature whatsoever or claims expenses from any cause or causes, including attorneys’ fees and costs and expert witness fees and costs, so that the total aggregate liability of the Consultant to the Client shall not exceed the Consultant’s total fee for services rendered on this project. It is intended that this limitation apply to any and all liability or cause of action however alleged or arising, unless otherwise prohibited by law.